A controlled study of two offices

Participants spent one week working in each office, one with View Smart Glass and the other with traditional blinds.

Participants reported improved mood and less eyestrain

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less likely to report eyestrain

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less likely to report feeling depressed

Participants slept 37 minutes longer after working in the office with View Smart Glass

EVOLV Sleep Graph

Participants with poor sleep prior to the study saw the biggest benefit from View Smart Glass.

The effect of View Smart Glass on sleep duration was greater than taking a sleep supplement before bed.

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Participants scored 42% higher on cognitive assessments in the office with View Smart Glass

EVOLV Cognitive Graph

All 9 domains of cognitive function were positively affected by View Smart Glass

Cognitive function scores increased over the course of the week in the office with View, while decreasing in the office with blinds

The 42% higher cognitive function scores are equivalent to a 14% increase in productivity

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